Lumin Wand

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The Lumin Wand is a portable UV cleaning wand and sanitizing device that operates using a form of high energy on the wavelength that is most effective in reducing bacteria.

Lumin Wand is Proven Effective in Laboratory Tests
Lumin Wand is the cordless, portable sanitizing wand that uses UVC light to eradicate harmful germs and bacteria such as E. Coli and Human Coronavirus. You can find the results of US based independent lab testing at

Discover 1000's of Applications
UVC light that cleans surfaces such as bedding, packages, keyboards, toys, smartphones, doorknobs, and any high touch areas.


  • Built In Proximity Sensor and Accelerometer
  • High Powered UVC Bulb
  • Up to 120 Minutes of Uninterrupted Performance
  • Professional Strength Product to Sanitize Surfaces